Shop Tour

My shop occupies about 2.3 bays in a 3-bay garage. Maylee's darkroom occupies the other .7 bay. The bays run East-West; the darkroom occupies the South bay, the fixed shop equipment is in the West end of the South bay and in the North bay. Most of my equipment either rolls or folds out of the way so that we can park one car in the middle bay.

A Delta 3HP Unisaw with a 52" Unifence is the centerpiece of the shop:

This photo looks SW into the middle bay. The extension table folds down so we can park the car. A Delta DJ-20 8" jointer lives against the West wall in the North bay:

The left photo looks North along the West wall, and the right photo looks SW. You can see the Grizzly 17" drill press against the North wall. The cutoff storage unit sits almost against the North bay garage door, and it's built so the Dewalt 12" DW733 portable planer and the shop-built router table can slide under it. The router table houses a Porter-Cable 7518 3HP router mounted in a Precision Router Lift from Woodpecker. The empty box is a scrap bin. The unattached dust collection port above the jointer is for the planer. To use the planer, I roll it out into the middle bay and connect a section of 4" flexible hose.

Moving clockwise from the jointer, here's the NW corner with the drill press, and a close-up of the Delta 14" Platinum Edition band saw (with the 6" riser extension), clamp rack, and shop heater. To use the band saw, I usually roll it into the middle of the North bay and connect it to the shop vacuum just to the right of the drill press.

The North wall houses hand power tools and the Dewalt DW705 compound miter saw:

This saw is also connected to the shop vacuum of the left of the table. I use the Fein model 9-55-13 vacuum to the right of the table for general clean up and with routers, the circular saw, and the biscuit cutter. The 3-shelf wood storage rack above the open power tool storage is the heavy-duty one available from Lee Valley and other woodworking outlets. There's a larger shop-built wood rack in my crawl space.

Next in the clockwise direction is the NE corner:

The  workbench and cabinets are described on other pages, and there's also a shop infrastructure page. The paper furnace filter hot-glued over the furnace air intake louvers keeps the inside of the furnace free of dust.

The aluminum channel barely visible mounted on the workbench stretcher is a WoodRat precision joinery machine. To use it with its Dewalt 621 plunge router, I hang it on a mount attached to the South wall, which is the North wall of the darkroom:

The WoodRat is a terrific machine. The table hanging to the right of the WoodRat is an assembly table; when needed, I set it up on folding saw horses in the middle bay.

The SW corner of the South bay holds the Grizzly dust collector, sheet goods storage, finishing supplies, and miscellaneous storage.

The 3 flat panels leaning against the West darkroom wall hook together to form a portable spray booth. The 2x4 contraption next to the dust collector is the spray booth support and includes an explosion-proof fan. I roll it into place at the entrance to the middle bay when I set up the booth:

Obviously, I need more space!

October 2003.