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A typical ride up to a drop-off point was 15-20 mins. The first ride up was longer, because we would drive from the lodges and thus gain more vertical. Also, it took a bit longer when we changed areas, e.g., from one ridge to another. A typical run down took about 10 mins. and was 1000' to 1200' vertical feet; we did a couple of runs that were 1800' to 2000' vertical feet. Over 4 days, we skied 42,340 vertical feet.

Skiing lasted until about 3:30pm, except for the last day when we had to return to the lodges earlier to catch the helicopters back to Golden.

Chatter Creek rents the Volkl Explosives shown above for $CN 25/day. We all brought our own powder skis; I used my Salomon AK Rockets, Gene used his new Head Mojos, Joni used her Dynastar Inspireds, and Avrum skied on his Volant Chubbs (I think).

The funny pink thing over John's shoulder is the "pink purse", which is explained here. You don't want it (unless you're Tony).