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Most of our skiing was above the treeline, because the snow was best there. It had rained at the lodge and a bit higher the week before we arrived, so most of the tree skiing was too crunchy. In this photo, Murray's cruising down a pitch on the way to a run in the trees that featured an open creek hazard. Murray was the luckiest member of our group—he stayed for a second, 3-day tour because there were last-minute openings at half price.

In a "normal" year, most people ski all the way back to the lodge on the last run. As the tour progressed and we got new snow, the tree skiing improved and we skied some lower elevation pitches in the trees. One day, a bunch of us poled along the cat road to ski "Home Run", which is the stump field behind the cat in this photo. Not the greatest, but fun nonetheless.