Arts & Crafts Crib

This solid cherry crib is a taken from a crib built by Pacific Rim Furniture and from a Rockler Woodworking plan; the hardware is from Rockler. There are 36 vertical slats each with 4 holes for 1/4" dowels, and the rails also have holes for a grand total of 8x36=288 holes. These were milled using a plunge router and a jig. The end rails and stiles are joined with mortise and tenon joints, pinned with 3/8" cherry dowels. The finish is two coats of Tung oil, hand-rubbed to a soft glow.

I failed to measure the mattress before building the crib. The mattress is a bit larger than the spring, and the fit was too tight. I modified the crib by moving the gate hardware out 3/4" and mounting the gate hardware and back on 3/8" thick pieces of cherry glued to the end stiles (and finished with Tung oil). Even with this mistake, I'm told it's a pretty crib.

December 2001.